Sunday Service: Sustainability in our Community 

August 12: Sustainability in our Community  Chantel Raghu, an Oxford City Council member, will share with us her vision for sustainability in our community.  She has ideas about how we can become involved with furthering earth friendly practices.  There will be time for discussion as a part of this service.  Service Leader: Linda Amspaugh.  Chantal has … Continued

Sunday Service: Recap on Social Justice Sundays

June and July Sundays at Hopedale focused on understanding and participating in the Poor People’s Campaign.  We used a variety of formats (film, picnic, guest speakers, reading group, and group planning) to learn about and participate in The Third Reconstruction, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II’s fusion coalition for moral reconstruction.  Service Leaders, Libby Earle … Continued

SJ Sunday, July 29: July 29, Ecological Devastation and Conclusion

We finish up the July extended book group, completing “The Souls of Poor Folk”, the audit of the Poor People’s Campaign, which was just released in April of 2018, alongside The Third Reconstruction: How a moral movement is overcoming the politics of division and fear, by the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II, published in 2016. … Continued