Sunday Service: “Be the One”

All of us have people who have nurtured us, who have seen in us gifts we did not see in ourselves. How do we nurture the best in each other? How do we leave the world better than we found it?  Rev. Denise D. Tracy will join us this morning.  Service Leader:  Susan Thrasher. RE:  … Continued

Sunday Service: “Like, Love”

Join us for an intergenerational service led by Diane Wright, as we explore these two words and look at the ways they are alike and different.  This will be a chance for some fun mid-winter reflections, engaging for the whole family. Service Leader:  Genevieve O’Malley Knight

Sunday Service: “Your Legacy”

What Have I Received and What Will I Leave? Sometimes we inherit precious objects from loved ones (bring one to the service if you’d like to display it and share the story).  More often we receive, and will leave, intangibles; we’ll talk about these, too.  Of great importance to the people we leave is the … Continued