Sunday Service: An Explosive Legacy: Reflections on Nobel Day

Alfred Nobel’s family fortune came from new innovations with arms manufacturing and explosives. When his brother died, a French newspaper published Alfred’s obituary by  mistake, and in their obituary they noted that he was responsible for finding ways of killing people faster than ever before.  Distressed, Alfred changed his will to create and fund the … Continued

Sunday Service: What Are You Waiting For?

  On this first Sunday in Advent, we will explore the meaning of Advent from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.  Through the imagery of darkness and light, and of waiting in patience, faith, hope, love, and joy, we will make an Advent wreath of Social Justice.  The history of the evolution of Advent and mythology of … Continued

Sunday Service: This I Believe

As we approach the Advent season and the contemplative spirit of winter, it is fitting that we ask members to reflect on their beliefs.  UUs welcome theological diversity, and expect to engage in contradiction. This is our chance to hear the varieties of belief from several of our members. Service leader, Patty Klingenberg.