Come join us for a hymn sing! We will join our voices in several hymns from both of our hymnals. Until February 19 you may submit your own requests into a box near the hospitality table, and every effort will be made to include all of our favorites. Service leader: Jennifer Blue (with enormous help from Wayne Copenhaver).  Leave your suggestions in the box in the foyer.

RE:  – Intergenerational Sing-a-Long Service
– Hungry for Change Discussion #3, noon-1pm

Luminescence has been created as a distinctly UU holiday, to honor the many paths our faith offers for attaining spiritual fulfillment and to celebrate the freedom our faith provides each individual in seeking their own personal truth.    Come and celebrate our own religion’s wonderful, distinctive identity.  Service Leader: Linda Amspaugh.  Join us after Sunday service for our monthly potluck.

RE:  Class Day.

Circle Dinner in the evening at Jessica Kopp’s house.

In the mid 1990s, scientists around the world began organizing an annual observance of “Darwin Day” on February 12, the birthday of Charles Darwin.  According to the organizers, the mission of International Darwin Day is to inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth, as embodied by Charles Darwin. Come join Diane Wright as we contemplate the celebration of Darwin Day in this particular time and place. service leader: Patty Klingenberg.

RE – Children’s Activity Day
– Hungry for Change Discussion #2, noon-1pm

After five years on Oxford City Council and more than a year as mayor, Kate Rousmaniere will share insights, strategies, and surprises learned from working with those with whom she agrees, as well as those whose opinions are different from hers.  Service Leader:  Linda Amspaugh.  RE:  Class Day.

Who says mid-winter has to be “bleak”?  The human spirit cunningly invents ways to counter such perceptions, because in the end, we all know, we’ve got no choice but to keep on keeping on.  So let’s look on the bright side.   We’re halfway to spring.  It’s downhill from here.  Service leader:  Pete Carels.  Intergenerational Service.

During this time of  uncertainty, decisions often seem to be made based on incorrect information and irrational opinions.  Dr. Sardar Tanveer, a leader at the International Academy of Cincinnati will be with us to share rational and logical information about Islam.  Service Leader:  Linda Amspaugh.

January 15 is the birthday of Martin Luther King.  We arrive at this date at a time when our country seems more divided than ever on issues of race.  Come join Diane Wright as we explore new ways of approaching race, from the launching point of our UU principles.  Service Leader:  Orlita Kissane.  Monthly Potluck after Sunday Service.

Elvis Presley & His Fans.  Why is Elvis unforgettable? January 8 is the birthday of Elvis Aaron Presley, the “King of Rock & Roll.” He would have been 82 years old had he not died August 16, 1977 at the age of 42, and fans still fill Memphis hotels annually for an all-night vigil at his gravesite on that date. Curt Ellison will consider the musical traditions and major social forces important to Presley’s career, what he means to devoted fans, the religiosity of fan behavior at Graceland, and the importance of his love for gospel music.  Service leader: Celia Ellison.

An exploration of examples and resources for one of the most powerful tools of non-violent social change:  humor.  Advocates for social change from Jesus to Gene Sharp have effectively applied humor to defeat tyrants and topple dictators, “using humor to get people involved, to make oppressors look silly, and, most importantly, to break down the barriers of fear.”  Service Leader:  Linda Amspaugh.

(Humor has been used as a tool in social movements for centuries, but only recently gained an official terminology: Laughtivism . . . first defined by an organization called CANVAS, the Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies. CANVAS is an educational institution that provides teaching, training, free online literature and advice, and workshops to support and educate nonviolent pro-democracy activists around the world…”)

Join us at 6:30pm.  Come celebrate Christmas with songs, readings, and more songs. This is an Intergenerational service.  Service Leaders:  Genevieve O’Malley Knight and Jennifer Blue.  All are welcome to bring cookies to share afterward.

No Service on Sunday, December 25th.

Contact Information

Hopedale UU Community
3870 Millville Oxford Rd.
Oxford, OH 45056
Amy West Poley, Administer

Sunday Services

Sundays, 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Nursery and child care available
Social hour follows
Dress is casual

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