Bobbe Burke, a Miami University graduate, has worked in the Division of Students Affairs since 1989. She has been the Coordinator of Miami Tribe Relations since 1994 and loves sharing the story of how the University and the Miami Tribe became connected originally and how the current thriving relationship evolved over more than forty years. Service Leader:  Peter Carels.

Come join service leader Jennifer Blue and speaker Diane Wright on September 18, International Water Quality Monitoring Day.  We will reflect on the lessons and importance of water, and the nature of our relationship to it and with it.  Kids will have a chance to use a water-testing kit to look at qualities of water from different sources.  Come be refreshed!  Service Leader:  Jennifer Blue.  Stick around for our monthly potluck after service. Please bring a dish or beverage to share.

Rock and Water Service:  We welcome each other back from our summer break.  Please bring a rock and/or water representing your adventures and explorations.  Service leader:  Susan Thrasher.

The guest speaker will be Marry Harris Jones. Join Mother Jones as she shares her experience as a union activist and speaks in the courtyard of Charlestown, West Virginia to the striking miners of Paint Creek and Cabin Creek.  Ponder what message Mother Jones would give today.  Service Leaders Libby Earle and Russ VieBrooks.

This summer’s General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist  Association was held in Columbus, Ohio, with the theme “Heartland; Where Faiths  Connect.”  Hopedale’s attendees will fill us in on the workshops, worship, and work to be done for interfaith co-operation and racial justice.  Service Leader Genevieve O’Malley.

There’s been a lot of talk about islands lately, from John Donne’s quote (“No man is an island.”) to the news about China’s island constructions in the South China Sea.  On August 21, 1959, Hawaii became a state.  Join us as Diane Wright returns to Hopedale, and we consider the meaning of islands, as metaphor, as paradise, and as symbols of isolation. Service Leader:  Orlita Kissane.  Stick around for our monthly potluck after service. Please bring a dish or beverage to share.

There have been many attempts throughout history to define and adopt “the simple life”.  Sages, theologians, and laypersons alike have espoused philosophic ideals and practical wisdom ranging from life-transforming principles to everyday ‘life hacks’.  Join Drew Ruther as he leads a discussion about how we might all strive to lead simpler lives in the 21st century.  Service leader:  Drew Ruther.

Pat Meade will give a brief history of how the commission came to be.  He will talk about why Oxford needs a commission like this and provide information on what the commission has done so far.  He will present our responsibilities as citizens to be an active part of solutions that help establish justice and peace.  He will urge citizens to develop empathy, understanding and compassion among their fellow citizens.  Service Leader:  Steve Dana.

Hopedale members Linda Amspaugh and Don Isaac have been longtime participants in the Oxford Farmers Market Uptown. Linda and Don will talk with us about their work, and help us think about our own gardening as spiritual practice. Service leader: Ann Fuehrer.

Ann Geddes 009On July 24. 10:30am, we will visit a Three Valley Conservation Trust protected property on 2575 Indian Creek Road. Meet at the Hopedale parking lot to carpool at 10am. We will leave promptly at 10:05am. For more information go to

Want to drive separately? For a map to 2575 Indian Creek Road, press here .


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