Sunday ZOOM Service: “Huddled Masses and Wretched Refuse.” 

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, but it’s always been a nation of immigrant bashers. Rob Schorman, Hopedale friend and retired historian, will explain why today’s controversies over immigration are nothing new. Service Leader: Patty Klingenberg.

Sunday ZOOM Service: “Solstice.”

Lori O’Malley will share stories of Yule and winter Solstice along with a ritual.  She will also share with us her unique religious journey. Service leader:  Genevieve O’Malley Knight.

Special ZOOM Service: “Christmas Eve.”

It’s been a long year, and we all need some time to relax and celebrate. Join us for lessons and carols (mostly carols). Please “bring” a candle if you have one, so we can share our light with each other over Zoom. Presenters and Service Leaders:  Jennifer Blue and Genevieve O’Malley Knight.

Sunday ZOOM Service: “Silent Meeting”

Let us gather together for a quiet, contemplative time. We will spend the majority of the time in silent Quaker meeting. Service leader:  Jennifer Blue.

Due to ongoing concerns with the Covid-19 virus, Hopedale will be holding all of its services via Zoom. We invite you to tune in to our services.  If you would like to join us on Sunday, send an email to requesting the link; please include your name in the request.

To read more about our in-person guidelines, see our explanation & chart.